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Dr. Noble is Headed Back to the Phillippines!

By January 5, 2017 News

Soon I will be off on my fourth trip to the Philippines with Resources for Philippine Rural Community Corporation, a nonprofit organization helping the Filipino people discover their God-given potential through livelihood, education, and health. I will spearhead the goat project as well as help with other community development programs involving natural farming and education. The flagship for livelihood is goat farming. Our team of 10 includes an engineer, videographers/broadcasters, veterinarians, educators, pastors, and an entrepreneur/consultant from all over the USA. RPRC is partnering with Christian Veterinary Mission to give the T’boli, an indigenous people on the island of Mindanao, “a hand up not a hand out”. We will be working with the government in the province of Sarangani as well as experts in the various areas from the Philippines.
So follow our blog and enjoy the ride as you join me on this blazing adventure.
Thank you for your encouragement. I may be the one that’s going but I would not be able to do it without family, friends, and supporters.

If you are interested in more information or donating to the Resources for Philippine Rural Community Corporation, click here!







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