Dr. Helen Noble and Resources for Phillipine Rural Communities Corp

For the past several years I have had the privilege to go to the Philippines through Resources for Phillipine Rural Communities Corp and Christian Veterinary Mission to help rural people through sustainable development projects giving them a hand up not a hand out . Our mission for the past two years has been to introduce organic farming methods in combination with goat and rabbit husbandry in order to give the rural Philippine communities tools to help them feed and provide for their families.

This year we will be reaching out to two new communities: first we will be visiting the people of the Manobo tribe in the province of Agusan on the island of Mindanao, then we will be traveling to the Palawano tribal people on the southern part of the island of Palawan. The hope for both communities is to provide support through instruction on organic farming and physically helping families start their gardens. By providing this learning opportunity, we hope not only to provide the physical tools necessary to start a garden, but also to impart a sense of self-worth and value to the people by encouraging them to see their own capabilities and gifts that God has blessed them with.

I will only be a part of the first outreach. As in the past I invite you to partner with me through your encouragement, prayers and financial support. You have and will certainly make a huge impact on my life and in the lives of the rural poor!

Two ways to give:

  1. Online: Copy and paste this URL on your browser:
    Make sure to choose Kristy Kenney for the purpose.
  2. Check: Make it out to RPRC, and mail to RPRC: 138 Sunset Circle South, St. Augustine, Florida 32080
    Write Kristy Kenney on the memo.

Your donation is tax deductible under RPRC’s 501(c)3 status.

James 5:16 says, “… The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” Above all, please pray that we will be effective in our work as we relate with the people of the Philippines and that God will use us to be a part of helping them out of poverty!

Thank you so much!

To learn more about our projects watch some of our videos on YouTube: