SRH Veterinary Services is committed to improving animal welfare. We have teamed up with a few other local veterinary clinics in order to provide care for those animals received by Ipswich Humane Group. IHG is a non-profit that assists Ipswich Animal Control providing a no-kill shelter. IHG was founded in 1982 and has made a huge contribution to animal welfare in the area in the past 30 years. The facility is 100% funded by donations and run completely by unpaid volunteers. The organization has created a spay/neuter program which incorporates shelter intakes but additionally they have created a spay/neuter release program to help manage the town’s feral cat population.

IHG has also provided oxygen masks designed for pets to emergency and fire services in the town of Ipswich and surrounding areas. SRH has had a longstanding relationship with IHG. We provide spay/neuter services along with preventative care to help these animals find loving forever homes. We encourage our clients to check out the IHG website and adopt a pet or make a donation to this wonderful organization.