Getting Started with TeleVet

To get started, you can download the TeleVet app through the iTunes or Google Play store, create your personal profile and a profile for your animals.  Go to  for more information on the app or to get started!

When the need arises, you can create a consultation request with information on your animal’s issue – you can upload pictures or videos, instant message with us, set up a phone consultation, or chat through a video conference call to help get your animal feeling better again.  Best of all – it is care with veterinarians and staff you are familiar with – not a third-party company.

Circumstances in which we may recommend utilizing TeleVet to assess your animal might include:

  • You are unsure if your animal requires care or not
  • Dermatological issues/wounds
  • Post-op evaluations
  • New or different behaviors
  • Some lameness
  • Weight management

If you are unsure if a TeleVet visit is right for you and your animal in a given situation, please call us!  We would be happy to help you determine if a virtual visit is a good fit or if in person care is preferred!  If a TeleVet appointment is appropriate, you will be able to pay the small consultation fee directly though the app.