Equine Podiatry

Betsy Lordan, DVM CF


Dr. Betsy Lordan is an American Farrier’s Association Certified Farrier.  She began shoeing in veterinary school and has dedicated a large portion of her career to the practice of equine podiatry.  Dr. Lordan has traveled extensively throughout the United States and abroad attending conferences and clinics learning the latest strategies and techniques to manage equine foot problems.  Dr Lordan spent a year and half working in Australia’s Hunter Valley at a practice that focuses specifically on lameness and podiatry.  The Hunter Valley is not only home to one of the world’s largest thoroughbred breeding populations but also a base for many Western and English sport horses.  During her time in Australia, Dr. Lordan worked on a variety of lameness cases ranging from traumatic injuries and laminitis cases to managing angular and flexural limb deformities in foals.


A native of Gloucester, MA, Dr. Lordan joined SRH a few years ago to be closer to her family.  She has used her combined talents as a veterinarian and farrier to manage a variety of  foot problems here in the Northeast.  Dr. Lordan is dedicated to improving her craft every day and continues to attend conferences and clinics that focus on improving both hands-on skills and understanding of theory.  Her talents in welding and blacksmithing, in addition to glue-on shoes, are an added bonus in fashioning customized shoes.  SRH is grateful to have such a dedicated professional on the team and we are happy to continue timprovements in the services you and your horses.


Click here to watch one of Dr. Lordan’s Equine Podiatry Lectures


Hospital plate fashioned for a hoof injury


Dr. Lordan performing a deep digital flexor tenotomy on a horse with laminitis

Handmade shoe

Clogs made for a laminitis case

Glue-on Sigafoos hospital plates


Dr. Lordan shoeing a horse