Equine Wellness Exams

Horses are living longer lives now as a result of improvements in equine health care. To help ensure that your horses remain healthy and active throughout their extended years of life, we are excited to introduce a comprehensive wellness service to our equine clients. This service will allow us to provide the best preventive medicine so that we can identify minor issues before they become major health problems.

For example, assessing the body condition and diet of your horses today can protect them from developing weight problems or even laminitis in the future if appropriate recommendations are put into action. In addition, routine blood work can detect early liver or kidney disease before clinical signs develop. Similarly, correcting dental problems greatly reduces the risk of choke and colic.

The wellness service may include:

  • Thorough physical exam to check for early signs of health issues such as heart murmurs, degenerative eye problems, and respiratory or endocrine disease
  • Complete dental exam to look for sharp points or fractured teeth
  • Body condition scoring and weight tape
  • Environmental analysis to address issues such as air quality and stall safety
  • Routine blood work, an option to help monitor general organ system functions

This visit will also provide time for specific discussion of nutrition, vaccination, de-worming, trimming/shoeing, or any other general health concerns you may have. We will provide you with a written report of the exam findings and suggested preventive measures or management changes.