Vaccine Recommendations


Equine Annual Vaccination Recommendations

Based on the recommendations published by the American Association of Equine Practitioners

Mature Equines:

Core Vaccines:

  • Rabies
  • Rhinopneumonitis/Influenza
  • Eastern, Western Encephalitis
  • Tetanus
  • West Nile

Risk-based vaccines:

  • Strangles: Horses that come into contact with others off farm
  • Botulism: Horses that feed off of large square or round bales
  • Potomac Horse Fever: Horses that drink out of ponds, streams or travel to endemic areas
  • Lyme Disease: Pending Lyme multiplex results


Pregnant Mares:

Prior to breeding or following parturition:

  • Rabies: not approved for use in pregnant animals
  • West Nile Virus: not approved for pregnant mares but given if risk is high
  • +/- Intranasal Strangles (modified live vaccines not recommended for use in pregnant animals)

At 3 months:

  • Pneumabort K: minimizes the risk of abortion associated with EHV-1
  • Influenza (injectable)

At 5 months:

  • Pneumabort K

At 7 months:

  • Pneumabort K

At 9 months:

  • Pneumabort K
  • Influenza (injectable)

At 10 months: Remainder of vaccines should be given 4-6 weeks prior to parturition to protect the mare and foal

  • Eastern, Western Encephalitis
  • Tetanus



Foals born to vaccinated mares: We recommend beginning vaccination at 4 months and breaking up the vaccines into 4 separate visits. A booster is required for a few of the vaccines listed below. Rabies does not require a booster. Intranasal influenza is given in lieu of injectable flu because it stimulates a faster immune response.

  1. Eastern, Western Encephalitis and Tetanus/West Nile
  2. Rabies/ Rhinopneumonitis
  3. Eastern, Western Encephalitis and Tetanus/West Nile Booster
  4. Rhinopneumonitis Booster/ Intranasal Influenza (first dose)

At 1 year of age:

  1. Rabies/ Rhinopneumonitis/ Intranasal Influenza
  2. Eastern, Western Encephalitis and Tetanus/West Nile

Foals born to unvaccinated mares or mares with unknown vaccine history:

The program is the same number of visits, but we recommend starting at 3 months of age




For further information on specific diseases and vaccine recommendations please refer to the AAEP Vaccination Guidelines Homepage