• February: Dental Month: Horses: The Importance of Maintaining Your Horse’s Teeth

    Feb 08 2017

    The Importance of Maintaining the Health of Your Horse’s Mouth By the American Association of Equine Practitioners Routine dental care is essential to your horse’s in health. Periodic examinations and…

  • February: Dental Month: Cats

    Feb 08 2017

    National Pet Dental Month    Dental disease is the most common health issue in pets, affecting 78% of dogs and 68% of cats.     It’s often difficult to tell whether…

  • Dr. Noble is Home!

    Feb 08 2017

    Dr. Noble has arrived home safely! Here is a look at what she has been up to:        

  • February–Dental Month!

    Feb 01 2017

    National Pet Dental Month   SRH is offering discounts on dental cleanings and equine floats during February.  Call us to find out more!   Most pet dental disease occurs below…

  • Update from Dr. Noble! We are in transit!

    Jan 15 2017

      “Off early for the first leg of my journey with Dianne Johnson, a large animal veterinarian from central New Hampshire. Three plane rides and we are in the Philippines,…

  • Dr. Noble is Headed Back to the Phillippines!

    Jan 05 2017

    Soon I will be off on my fourth trip to the Philippines with Resources for Philippine Rural Community Corporation, a nonprofit organization helping the Filipino people discover their God-given potential…