• November–Winter Care Tips for Your Pets

    Oct 27 2017

    Winter care tips for your pet Review these tips to keep pets safe and healthy during the fall and winter seasons.   1. Weather • Keep cats indoors and shorten…

  • Fall Newsletter

    Oct 21 2017

  • October–6 Halloween Dangers for Pets

    Oct 01 2017

      6 Halloween dangers for pets Ghosts, goblins, and … raisins? There’s a lot for your veterinary patients to fear during America’s spookiest holiday. While parental fears about razorblade-ridden chocolate…

  • October–10 Toxic Substances to Avoid If You Have Horses

    Sep 20 2017

    There are many things horses should never eat. Certainly, toxic plants rank high on the list of things to avoid, but other substances, organisms, and chemicals can pose risks as…

  • September–Pet Insurance: What If Your Pet Got Hurt or Sick?

    Sep 09 2017

    What if your pet got hurt or sick? Like our own health crises, pets’ medical emergencies never happen when you expect them. Many times, an unexpected vet bill means a…

  • September–Six Types of Equine Insurance

    Sep 03 2017

    Understand the insurance options you have to protect yourself and your horse. By Audrey Pavia | July 2012 Extra Owning a horse can be an expensive proposition, especially if you…

  • August–10 Common Cat Diseases

    Aug 23 2017

      10 Common Cat Diseases Cats are the preferred companions of many people. If you count yourself among feline fanciers, knowing the most common cat diseases is important. When you…

  • August–Infectious Diseases in Dogs

    Aug 13 2017

    Trends in Infectious Diseases These conditions are contagious – easily spread from pet to pet through physical contact, contaminated surfaces, or when insects carrying the disease bite pets. Vaccines are…

  • August–10 Early Warning Signs of Laminitis

    Aug 05 2017

    10 Early Warning Signs of Laminitis By Christa Lesté-Lasserre, MA Your horse’s best chance of overcoming this hoof disease might lie in your ability to catch it early It’s a…

  • 6 Ways To Protect Your Dog From Summer Heat And Heat Stroke

    Jul 15 2017

    6 Ways To Protect Your Dog From Summer Heat And Heat Stroke ByVicki Clinebell   As warmer summertime temperatures approach, it’s important to remember that dogs are vulnerable to injuries…